Testimonials from our Clients

  • I just wanted to say thank you for working on my little Astro black and pink Mini.  Your customer service skills are amazing. you have one hell of a Mini Cooper mechanic. the office people are friendly. I will never go anywhere else.
    - Brandy Turley – April 25, 2017 - November 2017
  • “Competent and thorough foreign auto repair facility. Impressive diagnostic skills and equipment. Good mechanics. Good interaction and communication. Job finished on time. Fully satisfied. Far better experience than the dealer. Vehicles: VW Passat Wagon (1999) and VW Jetta Wagon (2012)”

    - Alan W. (Portland, OR) - February 2015
  • “Recently my 09 Jetta TDI was giving me some funky problems. I was trying to avoid the stealership and my normal shop told me they “couldn’t read the car’s computer…” which struck me as odd. I called Autohaus Bayern and Darby urged me to come in directly after I got out of work as his shop was open till 6pm that night.

    I rolled in around 5:30pm and Darby took my Jetta in and ran all kinds of computer readings on it. He was patient with me while I tried to explain the problems I was experiencing. He had me stand next to him while he walked me through the different computer screens & read through the readings the car’s computer gave out.

    He had me drop off the car the next morning to be looked at more thoroughly.

    In the end, the problems had to be dealt with by the stealership (sad face) but Darby did not charge me at all for the time my car spent in his shop. I received a more-than-thorough explanation for each issue and recommendation for exactly what I needed to tell the dealership in order to have the issues correctly addressed.

    I cannot thank Darby enough for this stellar service and treatment. I’ve never felt more comfortable at an auto shop. Amazing. Bravo. Thank you.”

    - Megan W. (Portland, OR) - July 2014
  • “I’ve been going to AB for >8 years and have been extremely pleased by the level of service to my 2002 BMW 540i. They are much better priced than the dealers in town and quite often willing to go the extra mile to do the repair vs. replacement approach. Darby and the team at AB have always given me good advice on all my scheduled maintenance and repairs and i would highly recommend them.”

    - Jack Kavalieros - May 2014
  • ” I have had five BMWs over the lat 15 years. These guys know their stuff. I used to do all my own work, but this shop may change my mind. Staff = A+!”

    - Max Bolen - May 2014
  • “I’ve been taking my BMW 330i to Autohaus for about 7 years. These guys are super honest and do a great job. I’ve never had a problem with any of their work. They charge a lot less than the dealers, but have certified mechanics who are every bit as good. I’m totally satisfied with them. In fact, I live in Camas, WA and drive 45 minutes to have my car serviced by them. That should say something!”

    - Ian M. (Camas, WA) - March 2014
  • “I don’t know how ANYONE could have anything bad to say about these guys. This is to date the ONLY stand-up automative repair shop I’ve ever found. Most mechanics will lie to you and treat you like an idiot while they try to sell you on a bunch of things you don’t need. Darby and the guys at Autohaus are as honest as they come. For once a good mechanic who doesn’t try to sell you the entire time.

    I took my BMW M3 here to have a new DME aligned with the EWS on my car. Darby talked shop with me (I’m a very knowledgeable DIY mechanic myself) for a good 30 minutes while one of the techs aligned the DME. They were done with it in around 40 minutes and they only charged me $50! On top of that they inspected my car for any issues and topped off all the low fluids.

    I do most of my mechanic work myself but anything big I’ll definitely be going to these guys for. I honestly can’t even begin to say how refreshing it is to know that there are honest mechanics out there such as Darby. If the world had more guys like him mechanics wouldn’t get such a bad rap.

    Anyways, I highly recommend these guys. The shop is clean as hell, they are super friendly, and they won’t try to take you to the cleaners like so many mechanics out there!

    I love these guys!!!”

    - Chris J. (Beaverton, OR) - November 2013
  • “I think these guys are solid and I felt like they do good work. They have always been upfront on repair costs. I value their advice. Getting a BMW repaired is never cheap but they do quality work at good prices.”

    - Timothy M. (Beaverton, OR) - February 2013
  • “Mechanics you can trust. I mean really, isn’t that what you want? They’ve done service on multiple BMWs of mine over the years from simple oil changes to complete engine overhauls and I have always been more than satisfied.”

    - Jason B. (Beaverton, OR) - August 2012
  • “I took my 12-year old, recently-purchased Audi for a second opinion after I was advised I needed considerable work before I went on a road trip. New clutch, many gaskets, and steering overall were all suggested. Autohaus said definitely no to the clutch, no to the gaskets, and improved the steering-related squeak with some lubricant. The bill was $110 which was considerably less than we had expected. We then went on a 2600 mile car journey. The car was great. I was very impressed that these guys were spot on with their advice and did not suggest unnecessary work. I will return to them when I need repairs confident that they will steer me straight.”

    - Steve S. (Portland, OR) - July 2012
  • “Having a VW Bug is cute and all but the headlights go out constantly since they’re always on. I changed them out myself last year but that was a pain in the you-know-what and when they both went out again, I decided to take it in.

    I also had a turn signal light that was busted and the bumper around it a little wonky. They replaced all three lights for me no problem. They recommended a couple other local businesses to get a couple things fixed (potentially the bumper and a rock chip in the windshield) and were very nice and helpful.

    When I first called and talked to them on the phone I felt very comfortable and I think his name was Darby? talked to me about an issue I’m having with my door locking with the key fob and straight up told me how expensive that was to fix and gave me some tips, if I’m able to live with it. I am, and was appreciative of him being straightforward and them not being pushy about having them fix every little thing.

    I wouldn’t say they’re *cheap* per se, but I think my idea of cheap is unrealistic when it comes to fixing crap in cars. That shiz is expensive. I’m okay with paying more for a company where I enjoy talking to their employees and I trust my car in their hands.”

    - Katie B. (Portland, OR) - June 2012
  • “I like the BMW dealership nearby. I truly do. I will even pay their moderately exorbitant price for an oil change, just so I get to drive a brand new BMW loaner. They’ve loaned me 2 different 3 series, a 5 series and even one of the X SUVs. I’m rather easily amused, particularly so by shiny items like cars that aren’t mine.

    I don’t like them enough to choose them for my car’s first “Inspection 1” service, though. If you’re familiar with BMW service technology, then you know that Inspection 1 may as well be called “Inspection $$$”. In the case of my car, it requires a moderately intricate valve adjustment, which I have no business doing on my own. Enter Autohaus Bayern. I stopped by one day last week just to kinda feel them out and get a quote for the service. Darby was kind enough to take the time to answer all of my questions while simultaneously assuring me that he definitely knew what he was talking about when it comes to BMW service. Their shop is clean (pretty much spotless), well organized and comfortable. Parking is tight, but there’s tons of room on 109th just to the east, right next to Target.

    So, I booked an appointment for the following week for the dreaded service. And, while it did hit the pocketbook substantially, it was less than I would have paid at the dealership, and I’m extremely satisfied with the work. Darby communicated with me about what was happening to my car in a very timely manner. I’m certain that they didn’t unnecessarily charge me for anything, even though I left that window open, so to speak. I’m a happy customer, and can recommend them to fellow BMW owners (and all German cars) with confidence.”

    - Brian I. (Beaverton, OR) - October 2011
  • “If I lived closer to the shop and still drove a car they could work on, I’d bring my car here. The guys in the shop are great! They are very thorough and dependable!”

    - Josie V. (Portland, OR) - October 2010
  • “Fantastic experiences over the years at, usually, 30% the cost of the dealerships. They have fixed everything of mine from the X5 to the S4 not to mention regular oil changes and maintenance. I highly recommend AutoHaus for your German car needs.”

    - David F. (Portland, OR) - December 2009
  • “Honestly, five stars are not enough for Autohaus Bayern. They are hands down the best shop in Portland for German cars!

    I’ve been taking my 1997 BMW 528i there for over 5 years. Nearly 100,000 of the 150,000+ miles on the car have been serviced by Autohaus Bayern. We’ve been through a lot; oil services, inspections, breaks, radiators, thermostats, auxiliary fans, vacuum pumps, etc…

    The service from Autohaus Bayern is always the best and their prices are fair and reasonable. The crew at Autohaus Bayern always makes sure you know what’s going on with your car – they are detailed and thorough in their communication and recommendations.

    Even on the most difficult problems, like an unusual overheating issue that took a lot of diagnosing and several visits to find, Autohaus Bayern’s professionalism and commitment to service was exceptional. They were determined to find the problem and fix it – which they did exceptionally well.

    I truly can’t say enough good things about Autohaus Bayern and the crew there. They are friendly and professional – truly great mechanics. My advice is to call or stop by and see what they can do for you.

    P.S. – Tell them Travis sent you ;-)”

    - Travis C. (Portland, OR) - June 2009